Sumpner Lecture Theatre; previously known as the Warwick Lecture Theatre.

Side repeater screens. Please book a wireless radio mic from AV-Support if out of term-time, or if more than one required.

Dimmable lighting, blinds, and air conditioning override controls are located on cupboard by the west door. Separate board light switches are located by both doors but tend to wash out the projected image.

Hearing loop mic in ceiling.

The following instructions are automatically generated, based on the list of equipment in the room

As such, we've kept them simple to account for any variations between rooms. For help on specifics, contact AV Support - details are at the bottom of the page.

If you're in one of the learning spaces, contact AV Support by pressing the AVSupp button on the phone

Control Panel

Button or touch controls for the audio/visual and projection equipment in the room.

Control systems are designed to be left powered up, please leave them powered up so they can be used to turn the equipment on/off.

getresourceSave power

Please switch off projectors, computers and lights when when not in use. Find out more about Aston University’s energy awareness on the website.

Did you know that the lamps are not only expensive, but contain hazardous Mercury?

AMX/Crestron buttons

651buttons aka Sumpner LT

Press the ON, OFF (or ON/OFF) button to switch the projector ON or OFF. The button will flash to indicate it is warming up/cooling down. The projector will beep(on=once, off=twice) and prevent you from selecting other buttons until it is ready.

PC 1 and PC 2 (or Laptop, or Doc Cam) buttons select the Main PC and Visualiser/Laptop connection if they don’t have separate control buttons.



  • We recommend that the projector is switched on after you login to the PC.
  • Drag/copy presentation documents from your USB stick onto the desktop.
  • Any change/s and added files are auto-deleted on Restart.
  • Choose VLC Media Player for DVD playback with sound.

Aston Teaching PC

The standard pool room teaching PC contains Office Professional Plus 2013 including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Also included are the Panopto recorder, Skype, and a selection of web browsers, and shared drives depending on your login.

See the IT Services website for the full list of installed software. If your login or network fails .\teach username & teach password will allow you to present locally from USB drive, but without internet or network access.

The PC will shut down after an hour of inactivity

This will remove any changes you have made, any work you have open will be lost, and any files on the desktop will be deleted.

Bear this in mind if, for example, you are running an event and want to get the PC set up early or you are breaking for lunch.

The computer is set up to record to Aston Replay, and there are 1-4 spare USBs on the main PC monitor.

We recommend that the projector is switched on after you login to the PC. If you don’t need the computer to be displayed on the screen, you can use it without the projector on. Computer audio requires the projector to be ON, and all control panel, computer and application volumes to be up (not Muted).

Laptop (VGA – via. visualiser)


To use your laptop, you will need to connect the flying VGA cable* from the visualiser, turn the Visualiser ON and then select the visualiser’s laptop connection. The separate laptop audio jack cable can be connected to the laptop headphone socket, and can also be used for iPod playback when laptop is selected.

Note *The visualiser must also be ON to display the laptop(/visualiser) connection in some rooms with laptop VGA socket on the lectern. Some laptops and tablets require a special adapter from the laptop to the VGA connection. NB. The visualiser must be ON to display the laptop(/visualiser) connection.


Perform a variety of tasks in the rooms, depending on the type of room and microphone.

They can be used to feed audio to the induction loop, make sure people at the back of the room can hear the speaker clearly (voice enhancement), or be recorded in Aston Replay.

Lectern mic

Lectern Mic

To switch on/off, push the button at the base of the flexible gooseneck.

Beyer lectern mic
Beyer lectern mic

The LED will be lit when the microphone is on, and the level is preset.

There is no switch or LED on the Beyer flat models.

Sennheiser/Sabine radio mic

Sabine radio mics
Sabine radio mics – Lapel & Handheld

Total of two receiver channels in Sumpner LT, eight in the Great Hall, and a single channel in SW309.


(One in Sumpner and SW309, six in Gt. Hall)
The on/off button is inside Sennheiser or at the top of the Sabine belt pack. There is a battery level indicator on the LCD screen, if the battery level is low, please call AV Support.


The on/off button is on bottom of Sennheiser. There is a battery level indicator on the LCD screen, if the battery level is low, call AV Support. The batteries are not rechargeable.

*Please book from AV-Support if out of term-time or teaching hours, or if extra mic required.

Samson UB1

Samson UB1 mic

These mics are primarily used for Aston Replay recordings (but is also available to other applications, such as Skype). The UB1 is an omni-directional boundary microphone, that uses a flat surface to enhance the sound pickup.

Aston Replay will default to recording from this mic over any other in the room. Make sure that the green light is on the mic, and always check the recording level in Panopto before you begin recording.



Elmo P10 visualiser/document camera
Elmo P10 visualiser/ document camera

A document camera that can display and zoom in on papers, books, and other 3D objects. There is usually a separate source selection button to display on the room screen/s.

A desktop application called ImageMate[IM] allows Elmo images to be recorded in Panopto.

The newer Wolfvision visualisers can be selected as separate video recording device in Panopto.

Elmo P10s / P30

Power slide switch, USB, SD
Power slide switch, USB, SD

Slide switch to turn ON/(OFF) and adjust lamp for best image.

Zoom control(blue) and Camera/SDcard/LAPTOP selection button at the front (unless there is a separate Laptop selection button on the control panel).

P30 laptop select
P30 laptop select

  1. Elmo Visualiser App IconOpen the Image Mate software – find the icon on the desktop
  2. Visualiser Image Mate windowsClick the maximise button – this will show the camera full screen on the computer meaning the Panopto recorder can capture it.
  3. Elmo full screenWhen you’ve finished using the visualiser, you can exit the full screen view by clicking on the button in the top right of the screen.

Panopto Camera

Use the camera to include video in an Aston Replay recording.

The Panopto recorder will default to including video where a camera is present. If you don’t want this to be included in your session, you will need to switch the camera off. You may also borrow a mobile alternative.


  1. In the Panopto recorder, click the dropdown next to video
  2. Click None

See the Replay TLC site for more information on how to make a recording.

Sony PTZ camera

This room features a special camera setup used to record inaugural lectures and other events. We’ve connected the camera at back of the room up to the computer for you to use in your sessions.

The camera will shut down after a couple of hours.

To ensure this doesn’t happen when you make a recording, you need to perform the following steps at the start of your lecture:

If you see colour bars in the Panopto recorder

This means the camera is switched off. Turn the camera ON by pressing the POWER button [a]

If you don’t want to record the camera, you will need to deselect it in the Panopto recorder, otherwise your recorded session will contain the colour bars.

If you see the image from the camera

Press CAMERA SELECT 1 [b] – this will prevent the camera from powering off during your lecture.

New Sumpner Remote