Laptop (HDMI)

A flying HDMI cable (including audio) is usually* connected to the lectern faceplate.

Note All post-2014 refurbished rooms now support HDMI(digital) inputs as well as VGA, namely: G11(Byng Kendrick LT), Great HallMB220, MB253, MB304, MB415, 417, 419, MB486, MB504MB518MB603, MB651(Sumpner LT), MB653(Wright LT), MB657(Proj.Room), MB708b, NW104b, NW805, NW807NX02Adrian Cadbury and Susan Cadbury LTs, and VSG03, VS110, VS112.

Some laptops and tablets may require a special AV adapter and or cable/s.

*except NW104b and any ‘non-pool’ meeting rooms.