Faronics Insight

Faronics Insight gives the lecturer(Staff accounts only) full control over the collaborative PCs in the room. Common uses include the lecturer showing their screen on the students’ PCs, or sharing one group’s screen with one, more, or all of the other groups.

  1. Faronics System Tray IconInsight loads when the computer powers up. Click the Insight Owl, located near the bottom right of the screen
  2. Faronics Load Class ListIn the toolbar, click Class List, then Load Class List.
    • You may need to make the window bigger to see the icon, or you can click the two arrows at the right hand side of the toolbar to show the items that couldn’t fit.
  3. Faronics Class ListClass lists are located on the X:\ drive, in the Common\Insight Class Lists folder. Browse to there and select the appropriate list for your room.

  1. Faronics Show ToolbarClick the screens (use Control + click to select multiple ones) you wish to broadcast to, and click Show, located at the left hand side of the toolbar
  2. Insight will minimise to the taskbar, the selected screens will show your screen.

Faronics Stop Showing Screen

Click the screens you want to stop seeing your screen. Click Show then Stop Showing Teacher’s Screen

Rather than press the power button on each PC, you can use Insight to shut them all down at once.

Faronics Shutdown Student

Select the screens you want to shut down. Click the  Administer menu, then Shutdown Student

MB512 and SW309 also have hardware mirroring of main screen without needing special software, accessed via the Control Panel. These PCs and the main PC in MB603 all have shutdown set to three hours instead.