Known Issues

Room capacities shown must be reduced for Covid-Safe!

New College Teams rooms coming online Summer 2021

The following rooms are non-pool rooms with no AV equipment installed. They are now booked and maintained via Outlook Calendar* by Department listed. [Open Calendar; ‘From room list’]

NB. If you need AV equipment please ask for/book a suitably equipped room* in the first instance.

Room capacities shown are NOT Covid-Safe!

MB113(9), MB123a(8), MB129a,b,c(1:1)

MB211c(4), MB212a(4), MB213b,d(3 ea.) MB214a(9),e(3; EAS)

MB616,618(UG01,2; 10ea.; ABS Vicky Hughes x3678)


MB747(10; LSS)

SW308(16; Careers Ruth Hall), SW226(SRO?)

SW842,3,4(008,010; 5 ea.; ABS WOP x3257)

SW1109(21; ABS Jeanette Ikuomola x3219)

MLK03(18; Chaplaincy x4729)

Limited AV and AV support is available for the following non-pool rooms: Please contact Dept. listed in 1st instance.

Teams or Webex Video conferencing

NB. please book (ISDN)Video Conference support from; Outlook booking)

MB125a(8), MB164a(20, EAS no PC!)

MB203, 205, 208 etc. LIS online booking system

MB224(16, EAS)

MB435(8), MB437(25{+VGA&HDMI adapter}; HLS

MB619(14; HLS)

MB652(18; Grad.School Tina Hamilton x4665) former ‘Aston’s’ lounge

MB729(ECD The Studio, 15-17; Karina Somers x3215)

MB727(30; HR), MB737(11; HR)

MB7 Agile working – Staff only

SW407(20; CLIPP) no PC!

ABS6.4,6.5 (ABS, Rebecca Okey x3234 no PCs!)

SU210(25), SU314(13, x4852)

LIS2 Workshops A/B(LIS x4509)



*G8 is also available as meeting room.

The following instructions are automatically generated, based on the list of equipment in the room

As such, we've kept them simple to account for any variations between rooms. For help on specifics, contact AV Support - details are at the bottom of the page.

If you're in one of the learning spaces, contact AV Support by pressing the AVSupp button on the phone.

Control Panel

Button or touch controls for the audio/visual and projection equipment in the room.

Control systems are designed to be left powered up, please leave them powered up so they can be used to turn the equipment on/off.

getresourceSave power

Please switch off projectors when when not in use or the repeater screens might not work. Find out more about Aston University’s energy awareness on the website.

Did you know that the lamps are not only expensive, but contain hazardous Mercury?

Crestron touch panel


Tap the touch screen to display/select buttons for the equipment.

To switch off, tap Off or Exit/Shutdown, and then confirm with Shutdown Now.

Newer lecture ‘Digital‘ theatres have audio ‘send’ and multiple projectors and lectern monitor selectable for each input source, and separate mic(red \ ) and speaker(white \ ) mutes.

Some also have sub-menu/s for additional facilities like Camera, Lighting and Blinds controls.



  • We recommend that the projector is switched on after you login to the PC.
  • Drag/copy presentation documents from your USB stick onto the desktop.
  • Any change/s and added files are auto-deleted on Restart.
  • Choose VLC Media Player for DVD playback with sound.

Teams room

Teams control panel(Flake)

Accessing Microsoft Teams(SOLVE KI0168)

If you are using the technology for a Teams call make sure you’ve ‘powered on’ the screen (no.1 in the diagram) before joining a meeting by pressing video conferencing (no.7 in the diagram). This will make sure that the automatic soundbar speakerphone and camera are on(Green).

MB420a – Digital services

MB711 – Crunchie; MB715 – Flake; MB717 – CurlyWurly (Agile – Chocolate)

MB726 – Cadbury

MB729 – TheStudio/Project room

ABS617, 623 – Exec Suite

VSG40, 130 – Vision Sciences*

*School & College Teams facilities will be added as they become available.

NB. If you wish to host a live event you will need to be assigned a Live Events license.  As the University has a limited number of these licenses they must be requested by the department/area head, or their nominee, using the Solve form. (KI0184)

Webex rooms

Cisco Webex(SOLVE)

Some of these rooms* may also use Microsoft Teams


MB123a, MB144*, MB151


NX16*(Cadbury Room)

NW2 Huddle, Pod


Space Type
Non-pool room
Check H&S