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Launched 2nd November 2020...

Welcome Pack A webguide to our new space

Technology Guide to 7th Floor V2s (1) UserGuide

1) Collaboration Rooms (Bournville MB728; Cadbury MB726; Crunchie MB711, Curly Wurly MB717c, Flake MB715) – all chocolate:)

– Equipment control

Accessing Teams

– Using the Interactive screen

HMDI Access**

Wireless presentation***

2) Group Workspaces (Tables and Pods) Ozzie, Noddy, Carrot(Carrot2=heightAdj.) & Wispa

Equipment Control*

– USB-C power, Display and WiFi docking cable(+wired LAN in Palm, Lee & Noddy)

Wireless Presentation*** (UserGuide#13)

3) Presentation Space (Berners(725), Lunar(723))

Equipment Control*

HMDI Access**

Wireless Presentation***

Microphone Usage (Berners only)

Camera Usage

4) Computer Spaces (Palm House{3 double rows of 4}, Lee{8})

– USB-C power, Display and WiFi docking cable(+wired LAN in Palm, Lee & Noddy)

– Loan mice/keyboard & LT risers in 2 Tambors by Mimosa(orange treehouses)

5) Digital Signage (Hancock, Orchid 5,6)

– Adding Content to signage system

– Changing displayed content

6) Room Booking / Signage (UserGuide#2)

– Viewing / Booking room through Outlook (invite a room as individual)

– Viewing / Booking room through room signage screens (StaffID card)


SOLVE KI 0327 Security: MFA Enabled Systems. GoBright


The following instructions are automatically generated, based on the list of equipment in the room

As such, we've kept them simple to account for any variations between rooms. For help on specifics, contact AV Support - details are at the bottom of the page.

If you're in one of the learning spaces, contact AV Support by pressing the AVSupp button on the phone.

Control Panel

Button or touch controls for the audio/visual and projection equipment in the room.

Control systems are designed to be left powered up, please leave them powered up so they can be used to turn the equipment on/off.

getresourceSave power

Please switch off projectors when when not in use or the repeater screens might not work. Find out more about Aston University’s energy awareness on the website.

Did you know that the lamps are not only expensive, but contain hazardous Mercury?

Crestron MPC3 panel

Crestron MPC-201b

13.2 Touching the screen will bring it to life, clicking the power on button will turn the screen on

13.3 The screen will then work in the same way as the meeting room screens, with connection informati

Crestron MPC-201b QR
Crestron MPC-201b QR

on shown on it.

Crestron touch panel


Tap the touch screen to display/select buttons for the equipment.

To switch off, tap Off or Exit/Shutdown, and then confirm with Shutdown Now.

Newer lecture ‘Digital‘ theatres have audio ‘send’ and multiple projectors and lectern monitor selectable for each input source, and separate mic(red \ ) and speaker(white \ ) mutes.

Some also have sub-menu/s for additional facilities like Camera, Lighting and Blinds controls.



  • We recommend that the projector is switched on after you login to the PC.
  • Drag/copy presentation documents from your USB stick onto the desktop.
  • Any change/s and added files are auto-deleted on Restart.
  • Choose VLC Media Player for DVD playback with sound.

Collaborative PCs

657buttons - Project room

These PCs are similar to the standard Aston pool-room image PCs but are dedicated to, or built-in to, group-work facilities.

They are used independently, or may be selected for display on the main, or all screens. The selection is via either the main control panel or Faronics Insight software (except MB657).


Please ask AV Support for a demonstration and access to keyboards & mice/trackpads.

Laptop (HDMI)

HDMI connector

A flying HDMI cable (including audio) is usually* connected to the lectern faceplate.

Note All post-2014 refurbished rooms support both HDMI(digital) inputs as well as VGA, namely:

G11(Byng Kendrick LT), Great HallMB220, MB253, MB304, MB415, 417, 419MB486, MB504MB518, MB603, MB651(Sumpner LT), MB653(Wright LT), MB708b, MB755-9, NW104b, NW109, NW805, NW807NX02Adrian Cadbury and Susan Cadbury LTs, SW309 and VSG03, VS110, VS112.

Note Post-2019 refurbs like MB108, MB550, MB554, MB517, MB502 are HDMI ONLY, no VGA support!

Some laptops and tablets may require a special AV adapter and or cable/s. Newer rooms also have wireless presentation if you don’t have the correct cable/s.

*except some ‘non-pool’ meeting rooms.

Teams room

Teams control panel(Flake)

Accessing Microsoft Teams(SOLVE KI0168)

If you are using the technology for a Teams call make sure you’ve ‘powered on’ the screen (no.1 in the diagram) before joining a meeting by pressing video conferencing (no.7 in the diagram). This will make sure that the automatic soundbar speakerphone and camera are on(Green). If Touchscreen is stuck in Whiteboard mode, open Input Select & change to HDMI1 input.

There’s also a “+” button on top of Teams channels and chats for adding a new tab. From there, users can search for the term Whiteboard and enable a new Teams Whiteboard in Teams.

MB420a – Digital services

MB711 – Crunchie; MB715 – Flake; MB717 – CurlyWurly (Agile – Chocolate)

MB726 – Cadbury

MB729 – TheStudio/Project room

ABS617, 623 – Exec Suite

VSG40, 130 – Vision Sciences*

*School & College Teams facilities will be added as they become available.

NB. If you wish to host a live event you will need to be assigned a Live Events license.  As the University has a limited number of these licenses they must be requested by the department/area head, or their nominee, using the Solve form. (KI0184) Webex is also available in several other rooms.

Wireless Presentation

Crestron AirMedia

Wireless presentation uses our Aston WiFi network to present or mirror photos, PDF, and Microsoft Office files etc. on the room display/s from your wireless devices, instead of by HDMI or similar cable.

  • iOS and Android mobile devices, and/or your Windows/macOS wifi laptops.

When AirMEDIA, VIA or AirServer is selected, it displays the Room address and a unique or QR [code] to present the content on the screen/s. You can have multiple WiFi devices concurrently displayed in each corner of the picture.

Windows10 shortcut = Windows+K keys.

Note Functionality varies between rooms and devices – iOS Panopto app cannot record ‘Presentations’ as well as ‘present’ like the Mac/Windows versions can, the Android app does even less.

You can book a mobile AirMedia for most rooms with wifi (and a demonstration) from AV-Support provided there is enough notice to setup and to configure it.


Perform a variety of tasks in the rooms, depending on the type of room and microphone.

They can be used to feed audio to the induction loop, make sure people at the back of the room can hear the speaker clearly (voice enhancement), or be recorded in Aston Replay.

NB. some new rooms have a mic [Mute] button on the touch panel, otherwise the volume is fixed.


Revolabs lapel mics

Rechargeable microphone/s which automatically unmute/mute when removed from/replaced correctly in the charger.

There are a maximum of two mics/channels per room, ~20m range, and freedom to interact with the audience while recording to Replay.

Please replace the microphones on the charger when they are not in use, and check the LED.

The LED on the microphone will turn RED to show they are charging, and GREEN when fully charged.

Panopto Camera

Use the camera to include video in an Aston Replay recording.

The Panopto recorder will default to including video where a camera is present. If you don’t want this to be included in your session, you will need to switch the camera off. You may also borrow a mobile alternative.


  1. In the Panopto recorder, click the dropdown next to video
  2. Click None

See the Replay TLC site for more information on how to make a recording.

PTZ camera

This room features a remote ceiling camera connected to the PC for lecture capture. It is controlled from the touch panel or a remote control.

The camera will shut down after a couple of hours.

To ensure this doesn’t happen when you make a recording, you need to perform the following steps at the start of your lecture:

If you see colour bars in the Panopto recorder

This means the camera is switched off. Turn the camera ON by pressing the POWER button [a]

If you don’t want to record the camera, you will need to deselect it in the Panopto recorder, otherwise your recorded session will contain the colour bars.

If you see the image from the camera

Press CAMERA SELECT 1 [b] – this will prevent the camera from powering off during your lecture.

New Sumpner Remote


Logitech webcam in Ceiling

A fixed, high angle shot from a Logitech webcam – fixed either to the projector, or directly to the ceiling.

This webcam is alternatively available to other applications on the main PC, eg videoconferencing.

Interactive Screens

Interactive screen

75″ Samsung Interactive screen in Collaboration Rooms (Bournville MB728; Cadbury MB726; Crunchie MB711, Curly Wurly MB717c, Flake MB715)

Turn interactive screen ON at control panel(Room control).

Select Whiteboard and pen controls on on-screen menu

Documents can also be viewed on the large screens, annotated and then saved

Open(menu) or Save/as to ‘external storage’ USB in USB3 connection – bottom right. PDF or IWB file format





These are designed to be used with ‘Dry Markers’ and cleaning pad/cloth – Please wipe clean for the next user.

There is usually a ‘raised lip’ between glossy marker wall and non-writable or screen area (G11 and MB603).

Most pool rooms have a white board/s, or writable surfaces on the room divider/s, and the porters(x4000) can usually provide a mobile board or flip-chart on request(pads/pens not provided).

Content cannot be recorded to Aston Replay or used in CollaborateUltra, but you could use the Visualiser or interactive display instead.