Teams room

Accessing Microsoft Teams(SOLVE KI0168)

If you are using the technology for a Teams call make sure you’ve ‘powered on’ the screen (no.1 in the diagram) before joining a meeting by pressing video conferencing (no.7 in the diagram). This will make sure that the automatic soundbar speakerphone and camera are on(Green). If Touchscreen is stuck in Whiteboard mode, open Input Select & change to HDMI1 input.

There’s also a “+” button on top of Teams channels and chats for adding a new tab. From there, users can search for the term Whiteboard and enable a new Teams Whiteboard in Teams.

MB420a – Digital services

MB711 – Crunchie; MB715 – Flake; MB717 – CurlyWurly (Agile – Chocolate)

MB726 – Cadbury

MB729 – TheStudio/Project room

ABS617, 623 – Exec Suite

VSG40, 130 – Vision Sciences*

*School & College Teams facilities will be added as they become available.

NB. If you wish to host a live event you will need to be assigned a Live Events license.  As the University has a limited number of these licenses they must be requested by the department/area head, or their nominee, using the Solve form. (KI0184) Webex is also available in several other rooms.