Known Issues

2017/18 - Council room, MB652(Grad.School) and ABS 2.09/2.10 AV installations

The following rooms are non-pool rooms with no AV equipment installed. They are now booked and maintained via Outlook Calendar* by Department listed. [Open Calendar; From room list]

NB. If you need AV equipment please ask for/book a suitably equipped room* in the first instance.

G43(door to G45; 10; VC/Celcat x4681/4298)

MB113(9), MB123a(8), MB129a,b,c(1:1), MB154(20; EAS, x3662)

MB211c(4), MB212a(4), MB213b,d(3 ea.) MB214a(9),e(3; EAS)

MB616,618(UG01,2; 10ea.; ABS Vicky Hughes x3678)

MB652a?(18) Former Aston’s (Celcat x4681/4298)


MB747(10; LSS)

SW308(16; Careers Ruth Hall),

SW842,3,4(008,010; 5 ea.; ABS Jenny Thompson x3257),

SW1109(21; ABS Jeanette Ikuomola x3219)

SU201(25), SU314(13; SU, x4852)

MLK03(18; Chaplaincy x4729)

Limited AV and AV support is available for the following non-pool rooms: Please contact Dept. listed in 1st instance.

Council Room(G45; 30; VC/Celcat x4681/4298)

G39 (10, please book non-Skype Video Conference support from; VC)

MB125a(8), MB164a(20, EAS)

MB224(16, EAS), also MB203, 205, 208 etc. EAS online booking system!?

MB435(8), MB437(25{+VGA&HDMI adapter}; LHS Jay Deva x3395)

MB502(15; EAS), MB525 PC training room(10; HR) Lectern PC, no laptop connection!

MB619(14; LHS), MB637(10; LHS Jay Deva x3395)

MB652(18; Grad.School x4298?) former Aston’s

MB717c(6; HR), 717d(3; Fin. Liz McNamee),

MB723(ECD Pod), MB729(ECD The Studio, 15-17; Karina Somers x3215)

MB727(30; HR), MB737(11; HR)

SW407(20; CLIPP) no PC or audio

ABS2.09,2.10 (aka L4/5, ABS Ravinda Kalsi x3145)

ABS6.4,6.5 (ABS, Rebecca Okey x3234)

SU210(25), SU314(13, x4852)

LIS2 Workshops A/B(Natalie Hawksworth x4509)


*G8 is also available as meeting room.

Space Type
Non-pool room