Epson Interactive Projector

Epson EB-585/595/695 Wi wireless interactive projectors use pens to draw or annotate on the screen.

Epson dual-pen interactive support
Epson dual-pen interactive support

There is an Epson ‘Easy Interactivemanual, and a shortcut icon on the desktop, or you can use mouse or pen/s with PowerPoint annotation icons which will also be recorded by Aston Reply.

  • Dual pen support(Model 585) — allows two pens/users to annotate simultaneously anywhere on the surface on which the image is projected
  • Touch-based interactivity(Model 595) — enables as many as six students to touch, draw, select and interact using intuitive and familiar gestures – MB220, MB502a, MB653(WrightLT), NW805/7 and some meeting rooms.
  • (Model 695) – allows upto 10 fingers or pen inputs.